Key Hypnotherapy

Do you want to unlock your full potential?

Hypnotherapy can help with emotional and physical problems.

Hypnotherapy is for health. It is a natural and powerful therapy that will help you to break free from negative thought patterns that are spoiling the quality of your life.

Hypnotherapy is not just about problems: it is about effortless change - getting in touch with why you are like you are and who you want to be.

During hypnosis you are in complete control and aware of everything that is happening. In fact this process enables you to gain better control of your life.

Medical Hypnosis

I have more than 16 years experience now as a hypnotherapist. To further my professional development, in May 2010, I completed an intensive course in Medical Hypnosis with Dr John Butler of the Hypnotherapy Training Institute of Britain:

This comprehensive course has enhanced my knowledge of pain management techniques and deepened my understanding of dealing with physical conditions with hypnosis.

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